Teofedd Digital Services provides stunning and professional designs for social media, website image post, minimal watercolor and signature logo, banners, and sound elements

The sole owner, Dorothy Sarigumba from Cebu, Philippines has been creating designs and video for education, religious, and businesses for more than a decade. It’s been her passion creating professional services for company and clients that she works with.

“Teofedd” is made up of name combination of Dorothy’s family.

Teofedd Digital Services is a design service creating premade or ready to use designs for social media and online shops of the following: Facebook Cover and Ad, Instagram post, LinkedIn, Youtube art and thumbnail, Pinterest post, Google banners, and Banner ads for websites, Blog Image post, Minimal (Watercolor) Logo, Professional image posts for Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay, and many more.

Email address: contact@teofedd.com